Amzy Creations is a Bangalore based Web & Multimedia Solutions Provider. We believe in discovering new methods for creating an instant connect between a brand and its consumers. We specialize in end-to-end project management to ensure that the designs we create achieve your desired outcomes.

AWeb & Multimedia Solutions Provider in Bangalore. We started in 2013 with a single aim of providing top quality service, solutions and products to the IT industry. The core group comprises of passionate visionaries, creative designers, unorthodox developers, inventive strategists and uber-cool creators discovering new methods for creating an instant connect between a brand and its consumers. From big ideas to working prototypes, we’re constantly innovating with our imaginations and we try to visualize it and work on it so that we can make it a reality. We are a passion-driven company, hence we consistently aim to surpass the expectations of our clients by delivering inventive designs, with a friendly and personal touch. We help our clients stand out from their competition. We specialize in making user experiences which attract user’s attention and makes them want to look again. We look at every aspect of our clients’ business potential, so that we can strategize accordingly and provide perfect solutions.

We enjoy long term collaborations & creatively charged relationships with successful and influential clients.We love working together with our clients right from understanding their concept to the complete execution of the project, to evolve their ideas/dreams into reality.

We have a foremost presence in the global Information Technology and Multimedia industry, offering a full range of IT and Multimedia solutions and support through for outstanding companies with special expertise.

We design industry-specific IT and Multimedia solutions to help our clients take advantage of the new opportunities and adapt to the new challenges of a changing world. In our years of experience in the industry, we have partnered with several companies to deliver outstanding solutions that have helped them become more successful and expand their customer base into new sectors. We provide creative IT solutions to help your business grow globally. Our impressive clientele trust us to deliver top quality interactive experiences for their customers across the globe.

As a digital world and globalization have intensified competition and driven companies to focus on their core competencies, a knowledgeable and capable IT and Multimedia partner has become a key component to success. We are driven by the passion of technology, which help us to innovate, create and develop perfect IT & multimedia solutions for our clients which makes their businesses more successful, we love our clients’ success.


Will help you grow your BUSINESS in the world of Technology.

We design light-weight, responsive, user-friendly websites which not only satisfies the clients’ requirements but also promotes their brand and increases their customer base.

People are increasingly becoming more technophilic & are gradually spending more of their time on mobiles rather than any other means of entertainment or communication.

We understand the power of social media in the digital world and understand how to leverage this strength in fulfilling your business objectives using digital marketing.

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